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Summer Enrichment Academy (SEA) For nearly a decade, COR CDC has partnered with California State University to a host a 6 week summer academy for middle school-age youth. Since inception, SEA has prepared more than 150 students of color for the rigors of high school mathematics while exposing them to life skills, reading comprehension, and viable career choices. SEA graduates have logged more than 600 hours of math instruction, 400 hours of fitness activity, 500 hours of community service over 100 hours of college readiness and toured more than 15 college campuses with the support of our corporate sponsors, Southern California Edison and US Bank.


COR Education (MIEE (Murray Institute of Empowering Excellence)/CARE LAB)
Ministry Leader: Ernest Garrison

A component of the Youth Ministry at COR Church, COR Education offers after-school homework assistance, specializing in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Math) to youth ages 10-18 during the academic year. Science and technology labs will be conducted to enforce problem-solving skills. Lessons in art and music will also be administered. Students will be able to identify and read sheet music. All students are encouraged to create in our art lab and classrooms – guest speakers and artists present to the student to enforce these skills and ideas.